So What Can a Coach Do For Me?

Three critical things to help you meet your fitness and diet goals...

#1 – Personal Trainer to cheer you on and kick your butt at the same time.

butt kickSome people come to me because they need me to be a personal trainer. They need me to show them ways to exercise to get their body toned and burning fat. They don’t want to learn what to do or have to think about it. They just show up, and I train them. I’m right there with them telling them what exercises to do and how many to do. Sometimes I exercise with them. In fact, I believe a personal trainer is invaluable for two purposes – accountability and intensity. If you’re paying for a personal trainer twice a week, you’ll likely go work out twice a week, as opposed to “trying” to work out twice a week at home. That’s accountability. The other component is intensity. Most people will do more for others than themselves. And when you think you’ve got nothing more in the tank and doing one more rep will kill you, your trainer will help you do 3 more and you’ll be just fine. An excellent personal trainer will be your best cheerleader and butt kicker at the same time. He will get more out of you than you can yourself. And that’s what you’re paying for – to get results you otherwise can’t get yourself.

#2 – Food Strategist to get the proper food inside your body.

plan mealsSome people come to me because they don’t want to scour through the avalanche of information out there on nutrition. They don’t want to think about what to eat and just want me to tell them. Some even want me to prepare the meals for them. Go to the grocery store with them, help them identify foods that are healthy and taste good, and then go home and help them prepare it and package it for the week. Some want me to teach them how to do that themselves. Others just want me to do it and they come pick up the food. Some just want to pick my brain and figure out how they can keep eating their favorite foods like queso, pizza, chips, chocolate, etc. and still lose weight. And it’s possible. You just have to know the right strategy. And that’s what they hire me for.

#3 – Psychologist to get you motivated and keep you motivated until you reach your goals.

gear brainsSome people hire me to hack their brain. I want to get that bikini butt, but why am I not motivated enough to do it? How can I get motivated to work out twice a week? I’m self-conscious about the way I look and it depresses me. I don’t feel like working out. I’m too stressed and tired to work out. I don’t have enough time to eat healthy with my busy lifestyle.

Those are all excuses I hear – and they’re justifiable because that’s what’s going on in your head. But the real question is how do I fight those evil voices and overcome them? How can I become more motivated to get the body I want? Exercise and eating habits (whether they are good or bad) shape our body. How can I immediately STOP now all the BAD habits that are preventing me from getting the body I want and replacing them with GOOD habits? How do I break that pattern of doing the same old thing that is keeping me fat and instead permanently instilling new patterns (habits) that get me lean, healthy, and sexy?

And that’s another reason people ask me to be their coach. To figure out that part of the equation.

So which of those three do I need?
Cary Sexy Ab SecretsThat’s what I help you figure out during your personalized 45-minute consultation. Whether it’s having me help you as a personal trainer, food strategist, or psychologist, my goal is to help you figure out what your goal is, what’s preventing you from getting there, and then help you get there by whatever means necessary.

I currently have some slots available to conduct the 45-minute consultation. And right now, it’s complimentary while I still have time to meet new people who want to lose weight. You can reserve your spot now just filling out your name and email in the form to the right.